Once again I’m revisiting the state of Flash support running under Sun Ray software. My previous post showed there had been improvements made on this front. How are things doing over a year later?

My Sun Ray environment today is using Ubuntu Hardy and Flash 10 from the included flashplugin-nonfree package. I’m still using PulseAudio with a workaround by Sebastian Hesselbarth that nicely configures pulseaudio for each user and redirects sound through the appropriate $UTAUDIODEV device. No more libflashsupport dependency. With this in place, users launch the Sound configuration in GNOME and set all options to “PulseAudio Sound Server”, and it just works.

Unfortunately the smurfing effect has returned in Flash 10, having been temporarily fixed at one point in a Flash 9 beta. Someone filed a bug with Adobe recently about this, and it appears it is being investigated. Hopefully Adobe can fix this soon!