I have worked happily in the EDU sector for over 14 years building infrastructure and services to support faculty research, but decided recently that a change of pace would be healthy. I am therefore excited, humbled, and privileged to now be working with the terrific and insanely smart folks at Joyent.

As a Systems Engineer, I will primarily be responsible for helping maintain Joyent’s public cloud. Basically, I get to work and geek out with SmartOS, ZFS, Zones, Dtrace, and related technologies to make things go. Having followed the blogs of the many giants already at Joyent, and spending time working with these technologies in production for a number of years, I can honestly say that I have finally found my tribe.

And here is the obligatory shot (thanks Troy) of me standing at Joyent HQ during my first week of “SDC7 crash course” training. Note that I’m still smiling despite jet lag and information overload!